AtomicView 1.0

Sleek and powerful media organizer

AtomicView is a powerful organizer for all your media files. View full description


  • Sleek interface
  • Smart folders
  • Metadata support


  • Takes some getting used to
  • Can't use mouse scroll


AtomicView is a powerful organizer for all your media files.

What should strike you at first is the interface, which is nothing like your traditional Mac application. I know I needed a little time to adjust to it, but after playing around with it I found the interface quite enjoyable. AtomicView switches between windows quickly full screen view is well implemented.

Tthe bottom half is reserved for folder browsing. You'll be able to structure your media in groups and smart folders. The top part shows your selection and a preview window. You'll also find that AtomicView handles a wide choice of metadata, including EXIF and Photoshop.

I was also well impressed with the search function, which displays results really quickly.

Switching between windows and browsing through your files is really simple, yet I was a little disappointed not to find mouse scrolling, a great way to display your media quickly.

The interface gets a little getting used to, yet AtomicView is a beautiful and highly flexible media organizer to handle large amounts of files.

AtomicView is a digital asset manager (DAM) software program available in versions for Mac and Windows. It can handle a multitude of formats and this permits unlimited organization of your photos, images, videos and sounds.


  • Ultra-fast display engine based on the GPU. Scroll through thousands of pictures in real-time.
  • Fully multi-threaded. Uses all the CPU/Core of your machine for fast import and non-blocking interface.
  • Advanced video support. Works with almost all the video codecs available for MacOSX and for Windows.
  • Support all the main video, audio and image formats including : psd, png, jpeg,tif, pdf, mov, wav and much more...
  • Support RAW image formats.
  • Display of your preview in the absence of the source file, ideal for filing thousands of files.
  • Advanced database system. Define your own fields and search your library using complex boolean expressions.
  • Uses IPTC XMP DICOM fields just as any other value in your database. Search, sort or create smart folder with them.
  • Create full hierarchies to organize your clips.
  • Create smart folders based on advanced expressions to display with one single click complex conditions.
  • Import / Export your metadata database to other databases
  • Open your clip in other application with one single click.
  • Intuitive and non-intrusive user-interface specially designed to interact with visual content.
  • Modulate and rationalize your work-space by rapidly changing the size of windows, closing a zone of the interface.
  • Full screen mode on main or secondary monitors : ideal for presenting your work.
  • Fast display mode, show your selection instantly in full screen mode.
  • Create slideshows with a couple of mouse clicks.



AtomicView 1.0